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2005 6.0L Excursion

When the Excursion would not start I knew it was time to fix some issues. I parked it and started putting together my list of parts.


2005 Excursion mods list

Now Let the fun begin. Thanks to Will Brown for his help with the project.

interior removed

The interior is removed now it is time to move it over to the lift bay.

cab lifted

The cab is off now it is time to start getting down and dirty.

tearing the motor down

Time to tear the motor down.

Heads removed

Heads removed and at Engine Services for repairs.

Heads Removed 2

Drivers side view with Heads Removed.

hpop removed

HPOP Removed and ready for reman from Ford.

Frame Steamed Cleaned

Frame has been steam cleaned and undercoated.

Frame Steamed Cleaned 2

Frame has been steam cleaned and undercoated view 2.

Turbo off and ready to be cleaned

Turbo is on the bench and ready to be taken apart so the vanes can be cleaned.

Motor going back together

Motor is going back together.


Upgrades installed and ready for cab 1

All Ford updates installed, ARP studs, Driven Diesel Regulated Return, Oil cooler rebuilt, new valve guides and heads decked. Ready for the Cab

Ready for the cab 2

Ready for the cab view 2.

Ready for the cab 3

Ready for the cab view 3.

Ready for the cab 4

Ready for the cab view 4.

Cab is back down

Cab is back down.

Cab is back down 2

Cab is back down view 2.

Intercooler installed

BD Intercooler Installed

Battery Wiring all done

Battery wiring all done and drivers battery on the frame

drivers side battery gone

Drivers battery now on the frame.

Yeah it run again

YEAH it runs again!

b-quiet installed

Excursion moved over and B-quiet installed.

Interior ready to be cleaned

Interior is ready to be cleaned

Interior cleaning

Interior cleaning has begun.

Interior cleaning 2

Interior cleaning view 2.

carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning.

carpet is back in

Carpet is back in.

Interior is back in

Interior is back in.

Interior is back in 2

Interior is back in view 2.

touchscreen installed

Touchscreen installed.

backup camera working

Backup camera working.


Autometer GS Gauges installed above mirror.

GS Gauges 2

Autometer GS Gauges installed below cubby.

Now it is time to do some more steam cleaning and painting.

New Look 1/26/14

2005 Excursion

2005 Excursion

2005 Excursion

2005 Excursion

2005 Excursion