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2003 7.3L Excursion

Why buy a new $60K plus vehicle when you can make the one you already own into better than new condition. I started slowly buying the upgrade parts 3 years ago, now it is finally time to start the upgrade project.

2003 Excursion mods list


The forged rod motor has been cleaned up and the STG II.5 Injectors are in.

The A1 H11 Studs are installed.

New Water Pump, Melling Oil Pump, Ceramic coated exhaust manifolds, Strictly Diesel Fuel Bowl delete regulated return fuel system, OBS ceramic coated HPOP reservoir, & CPS

WOP Intakes & Terminator

Closeup view of Terminator install with Strictly Diesel fuel system

WOP ceramic coated GQSSB turbo

The motor is ready now it is time to lift the body

The Modification process has begun. The Body is almost ready to be lifted.

The Interior has been removed now it is time to lift the body.

The body is off now let the fun begin

The frame has been steam cleaned and painted

New motor going into the prepped frame

Now we have the upgraded motor installed in the frame it is time for the trans.

Since we upgraded the motor performance the stock trans had to go. We went with the John Wood Tow Master to help get the power to the ground.

The frame is now ready to mate back with the body

Body installed and it runs! YEAH! Custom bucket seat for now. Time to start interior.

Nice clean engine bay finally

Nice idle now that the single shot injectors and new motor are in.

B-Quiet Extreme installed now it is time for the carpet.

The carpet is all in. No more Kool Aid stains from the previous owner.

Time to get started on the seats. I sure hope I can do this and did not make a mistake getting the interior shop to install them.

The lower seat frame is almost ready. I had to sand and paint. The joys of a used vehicle you never know what you will find down in the seat.

The front upper frame is ready to be modified. I removed the armrest bracket since I will be installing the 2008 console.

Getting close. The 3rd row seat is done and installed.

The 2nd row is done and installed.

Still not sure the boys will ever get to ride in the new ride.

Steering wheel wrapped

2008 console fits perfect.

Front seats and laptop mount installed.

Front door panel all clean with new speaker installed.

Stereo and Iphone mount installed and boy that was not fun to get the wiring all straight and the dash modified. The backup camera is my favorite feature..

Now it is time to re-locate the drivers side battery.

Time to get started and hopefully this will help get more air to the turbo.

The driver's side battery is finally located on the frame.

Passenger battery connections.

Monster Cable connections at passenger battery.

New rear bumper and pads to replace the bent bumper damaged by previous owner.


Front end ready for 2005 upgrade. Missing 2 brackets and will finish next weekend.

2005 Front end installed.

Autometer Elite gauges installed. EGT, Boost, Fuel Pressure, Trans Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Prressure, Water Temp.

Below cubby gauges.

Quad pillar gauges.

Fresh paint is done with all chrome painted black chrome. Now all that is left is to get the wheels powder coated black chrome.

Air bag suspension will come this winter.

More update info coming

Updated look 1/26/14