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With a vision to provide diesel truck enthusiasts with custom tuning, Jody and Diane Tipton started DP-Tuner in 2005. As part-time business owners of a telecommunications company, they took a leap of faith into the diesel aftermarket performance industry.

Jody has 25 years of experience with computers and telecommunications. In 2002, the need for a reliable truck to haul equipment led to the purchase of their F250. Immediately, Jody was not happy with "stock" and purchased the available tuning software to do DIY tuning. Jody was determined to make it perfect. Jody met several people through one of the largest aftermarket Ford diesel forums of that time, and he began helping other diesel truck enthusiasts in 2004 with perfecting their trucks computer programming. Due to the astounding number of tuning requests for Jody to tune other trucks, Jody left corporate America to pursue diesel truck tuning full-time in 2005.

12 years later, DP-Tuner continues to be regarded as one of the top Ford diesel truck tuning companies in the world. They ship worldwide and will travel to your location by request for the ultimate tuning experience. DP-Tuner branded computer chip modules for the Ford 7.3L diesel and 4.6L gas engines are manufactured for DP-Tuner by Moatesware, LLC. DP-Tuner specializes in engine and transmission tuning for the Ford 7.3L, 6.0L, 6.4L, 4.6L Gas, and 6.6L Duramax. Other tuning options are available for the International trucks from 1994-1997.

Jody travels throughout the year to various locations worldwide at the request of their customers. This enables Jody to continue "tweaking" his already perfected computer programming. Jody's programs are fresh and new from the information he obtains while live tuning. When you purchase a DP-Tuner chip module or a custom handheld programmer you will receive the latest tuning DP-Tuner has to offer.

DP-Tuner is staffed with devoted diesel truck enthusiasts who go above and beyond to ensure you receive exceptional customer service. They are not a large corporation with several employees operating a switchboard. Most if not all phone calls require extensively long conversations to gaurantee you are getting everything you desire out of your purchase. Email and Facebook are both easy and fast alternatives to teh DP-Tuner Team. Email address are located through the orange contact tab located at the top right of this page. Office hours of operation, phone extensions and mailing address are listed there as well.

Meet the DP-Tuner team-

Jody Tipton-Co-Owner- Ford Tuner, Duramax Tuner, Ford live tuning, Dyno Operations. Works from the Georgia office.
The Georgia office is open Monday-Thursday 8-5 eastern. Closed Friday-Sunday

Diane Tipton-Co-Owner, Web Support, Events, Purchasing & Advertising. Works form the Georgia office. The Georgia office is open Monday-Thursday 8-5 eastern. Closed Friday-Sunday.

26 years experience with customer service, sales and advertising. Loves to cook,spending time with her kids and boating.

Justin- Sales & Technical Advisor, Forum Support

Justin has been a diesel enthusiast for the past 10 years. He is ASE certified and has worked in automotive customer service for 6 years. His personal vehicle is a 2001 7.3L PowerStroke. He spends a lot of time turning wrenches on his own truck, or helping fellow diesel owners with theirs. Justin works from our California office. This office is open Monday-Thursday from 8-5 pacific, and Friday 8-12(noon) pacific. Justin can be found on any of the 7 diesel sites listed at the bottom of this page and reached via email.