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Warranty & Product Re-Burn Information

Attention: We do not guarantee fuel gains with any of our calibrations and we DO NOT refund money for not gaining fuel economy with our calibrations.


Our DP-Tuner branded products carry a lifetime manufactures defect warranty.

Chip and Programmer cables carry a 30 day Warranty. 

For all SCT units we honor SCT's product warranty guidelines. 

The INFINITY has a 12 month Manufactures defect warranty.

Destroyed product due to either misuse or improper installations are not covered under our manufactures defect warranty.

We do not warranty computer chips from a different manufacturer.

Disclaimer: Use of a NON DP-Tuner product in conjunction with a DP-Tuner product where the NON DP-Tuner product causes a failure or malfunction of the DP-Tuner product the DP-Tuner manufactures defect warranty will be voided.


Product Return Guidelines

Returns must be done within 15 days of the original purchase date are subjected to a 20% restocking fee minus the shipping fees. *

There are no refunds on programmers once they are installed and a program is loaded to your vehicle. A store credit minus the custom tune charges and a 20% restocking fee will be issued and you can use toward a different DP-Tuner product.

No returns on F5 and F6 chips after they have been installed. They can only be exchanged for another DP-Tuner brand tuning product.

Our products are easy to install. Detailed color installation PDF's and videos are available to aid in installation. We will not refund or accept returns for not being able to install our products or improper installation.

For products drop shipped by our suppliers a 25% restocking fee is charged for all returned items. Items MUST NOT BE INSTALLED and their boxes in resellable condition. Please call our office prior to returing any product to receive an RMA to return the item(s).


Injectors are not returnable or refundable.

T500's are not returnable or refundable

Driven Diesel part are not returnable or refundable.

*All returns for refund must be in the original condition to return for credit or refund. The original receipt emailed to you must accompany the returned items. A helpdesk ticket must be created to receive a refund along with a detailed description of the reason for return. Go to the bottom of this page for instructions on how to set up a helpdesk ticket. 

Products installed and returned after 15 days will be subjected to a 35% restocking fee of the invoice. Shipping can not be refunded or credited. Refunds are handled promptly when the product is received and inspected. Once the product is returned and it is found to be damaged or unrepairable there will be no refund. Refunds are credited back on your credit card used for the orginal transaction. This process takes 3-5 business days to complete.

Please email us at if you plan on returning you chip for credit or refund. All refunds will be issued promptly upon receiving the returned items.

Direct DP-Tuner Customers- If you are returning your chip for a reburn  after modiftying your truck with parts that warrant a reburn and you did not purchase the parts from DP-Tuner there is a charge of $50 per existing performance tune to reburn your chip plus return shipping. You are also required to purchase a modified stock tune to run the parts in stock mode. If you are a direct DP-Tuner customer and you purchased your truck modifications from DP-Tuner your performance tune updates are FREE.  If you have an F5 the only charges will be return shipping. 

If you are an existing customer and returning your chip to have tuning changed to a different PCM code we charge a flat fee of $125 to reburn the chip with standard tune plus return shipping.  If custom tunes are required the price will vary depending upon the number of tunes.

If you are an existing customer and upgraded your transmission to a heavy duty transmission we charge a flat fee of $125 to reburn the F5 or F6 chip plus return shipping.

If you have any further questions about returning your chip for reburns chip please give us a call. 828-221-0076. 

Product Reburn Information for Products Purchased Used

Products purchased used carry NO Warranty. Tuning charges are at regular price.

Reburn return times depend on if helpdesk ticket's are completely filled out with the correct information to perform the reburn. Incorrect information submitted, not enough information or failure to submitt a helpdesk ticket will delay the return of your reburn. Product sent in for a reburn without a helpdesk ticket will be discarded after 60 days.      

For DP-Tuner customers who have the F8, F5, F6,  SCT, or INFINITY and you would like Jody's updated tunes it is always FREE. When sending the  F8 or F5 back all you need to do is pay for returning shipping. For previous customers with chips over the 30 days grace period, when you send your chip in to have it reburned to a different PCM code, transmission or valve body your cost is only $125 plus return shipping. If you modify your truck with modifications that require new custom tunes the charges are $50 per each performance tune plus return shipping. 

Effective-7/9/13-Chips purchased USED sent in for reprogramming to a new PCM code and your truck mods it is a flat fee of $175 for standard tuning plus return shipping. To add extra tunes or exchange tunes for different ones it is full price for the calibration. The F6 purchased used an additional re-licensing fee of $50 is required in addition to the reburn fee.  For custom tunes please call our office to determine price. It will depend on what mods you have done.

Effective 3/1/12-  For used chips sent in for the purpose of finding out what is on the chip there is a flat fee of $45 if you do not know the previous owners name or do not have their original invoice number.  It takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to read the chip depending on how many tunes are on the chip. If you are the original purchaser and it was purchased from a dealer you willl need to contact the dealer for the list of tunes on your chip.

Effective 2/01/14- For TS 6 position chips sent in for reprogamming our regular pricing applies. No warranty and no refunds for reprogamming other manufactures chips. Once tunes are burned or emailed there is no refund or replacements of tuning.

Emailed tunes are NON-REFUNDABLE 

PCM Flashes

*PCM Flashes are non-refundable

Any pcm that is sent in to be flashed for an automatic to manual trans conversion, the tune costs are $110 for a stock tune and $140 for a performance or non stock tune. This also applies for Excursions due to PATS. F250 and F350 trucks do not have PATS.

If you are doing a trans conversion pcm flash and/or a pcm flash for an Excursion, please call us to do this manually over the phone. 

You are welcome to send a return label with your reburn. DP-Tuner is then released from any loss or damages to your product. You will be responsible for filing claims with the courier you use. If you use FedEx or UPS, you or the person who created the label must be the one to call for the pick up. 


Below are the instructions for returning a chip for a re-burn.


Create a Helpdesk ticket for the reburn and supply your payment info to help speedup the re-burn processing.

Here are the steps in creating a help desk ticket and returning a chip or PCM for a reburn, adding tunes, adjustments, etc.

You have to have an account with us on the website and sign in to do this. If you do not have an account, go the website and click on Log In and Create New Account and fill out all the info to create an account and then you will be logged in. Once logged in,


 In the Priority box select “To Do”

 In the Title box put name followed by the words “Chip Reburn”

 In the Department box select “Reburns/Payments”

 In the Message box type in:

  • Credit card info with number, expiration date and 3 digit code on back of card
  • Indicate type of return shipping you want, UPS Ground, USPS Priority 2-3 Mail or UPS Overnight or whatever you may want to be used
  • Full Name and address (address must match address of credit card used)
  • PCM code MUST be given for truck the chip is being reburned for.
  • List work to be done and info needed

 After that is complete click on Submit Ticket.                                                              

 Now, place a piece of paper in the box with the returning product and put your name on it and state you have created a ticket in the system. Now ship it to us at:


116 River Bend Drive

Hoschton, GA 30548


We highly recommend UPS or FED-EX when shipping items to us. These companies offer you the option of insurance and tracking numbers to locate an item. If an item is lost with UPS or FED-EX you are much more likely to either locate it or get refunded your loss from insurance. Choosing United States Postal Service does not give you the option of tracking or insurance on some shipping methods and they are not as organized and detailed as UPS and FED-EX. We have more packages lost from the Postal Service than the other two combined by a huge margin. If you choose Postal Service to send something to us and we do not receive it, we are not responsible for your loss and if this is a chip or PCM, this could be an expensive loss. Please be aware of this prior to shipping something to us.