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Knowledge Base

How Do I Order

The fastest most effective way to order is through the website. Even if you would like to place the order over the phone, there is still information we will need from you that you can enter directly at the website. Once this info is entered, you are ready to order.

 Go to

  • Click on Log In at the top
  • Click on “Create an Account”
  • Enter your information and create a password and submit
  • You should now be logged in under your account.
  • Now go to “My Vehicle” and fill out the vehicle info form. Ordering cannot be done without this form and this form cannot be saved without the PCM code of the truck. VIN will not be accepted and programming cannot be done without a PCM code. If you do not know how to get the PCM code, go to the article titled “Locating my PCM Code.”
  • If you own a 6.0 vehicle, you cannot provide the code we need because you will need the programmer to get the code (Strategy File for a 6.0). Simply enter "1111" in the PCM / STRATEGY box for 6.0 vehicles and you can contact us with the strategy file after you recieve the programmer.

When filling out the Vehicle Info Form, any boxes that are left blank are considered by us to be stock setup so if it is something other than stock, please enter it. Otherwise leaving it blank will tell us it is stock.

  • Now that you have entered your Billing Info, Shipping Info and the Vehicle Info Form, you are now ready to place an order. Select the products you want and add to your cart. From there you can Proceed to Check Out.