Full Force Diesel Injectors

Full Force Diesel Injectors

DP Tuner offers ONLY the best fuel injectors for improved horsepower and performance for the 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel. We have joined with Ryan Casserly of Full Force Diesel to offer a quality upgrade to stock injectors. Full Force Diesel is above the rest when it comes to building Power Stroke injectors. Full Force Diesel stands behind the quality of their work with exceptional customer service. They are the number one most recommeded injectors in the world.

Why choose DP Tuner and Full Force Diesel for your next set of injectors?

Every injector will be flow tested, not as a set but each individual injector • Each individual injector will have flow data issued for it and recorded in your customer file with corresponding identification on the injector • The flow data from the injectors will be used to build exact programs for those injectors to ensure that programming is precise based off flow data from the Full Force Diesel HI2000 Flow Bench.

Flow Bench 1  Flow Bench 2  Flow Bench 3

Core Charge Policy HOW THE CORE CHARGE WORKS: Once your order is placed your injectors will be ordered and shipped directly from Full Force Diesel. We will process the order for your new injectors and you will send in the core injectors after you receive your new injectors directly to Full Force Diesel. All cores must be received within 21 days of receiving the new injectors. Your core charges will be refunded when we receive your cores and they are inspected. INJECTORS MUST BE IN USEABLE CONDITION. No fire, excessive water, Veggie oil or W85 damaged cores will be accepted. If you do not want to pay the core charge, you can send your injectors to us first. We will process the order for the new injectors after the core injectors have been received.

 INJECTOR WARRANTY POLICY: All injectors sold by Full Force Diesel Performance come with a 18 month warranty that covers injector failure due to faulty parts or workmanship. The warranty does not cover injectors that fail due to bad fuel or trash in the oil system. This also applies to the replacement of scored plungers and barrel assemblies due to bad fuel or the labor to break injectors down to clean poppet valves from dirty oil. The buyer is to understand that these are aftermarket, high performance items, and Full Force Diesel Performance is not responsible for any damage caused to the injectors or engine due to high EGTs, over revving, engine failure or any other abuse or neglect. If there is an injector problem, the buyer will have to purchase a new injector and send in the faulty injector. The buyer will receive a replacement injector after the faulty injector is inspected and determined to be covered by the above warranty. 

*Fuel System Upgrades*

 When you go beyond Stage 1 (160cc) injectors, fuel system upgrades are critical. The stock fuel system is not designed to meet the demands for fuel. Fuel pressure can drop and this drop can lead to cracked nozzles if the pressure drops are extreme. You must be able to maintain adequate fuel pressure to avoid this potential problem. One solution is the addition of the AirDog Unit or some other aftermarket pump. We can discuss this further with you if you are interested.

 CORE REFUND:All cores will be inspected upon return and core refund will be issued once they have been inspected and are considered useable. We have had several sets recently where owners have been running Veggie Oil or some type of Bio-Diesel that has not been filtered or conditioned properly and this has created a situation where the fuel side of the injector is un-useable. This is evident by rust and scarring and in many cases can be seen without breaking down the injector. If this is the case, you will be contacted directly to discuss this with you and if needed we will provide photos. The injectors are of course used and we realize normal wear and tear is going to happen but when an injector is totally un-useable we cannot issue a core refund and we will return those injectors to you. Refunds for good usable cores takes up to 4 weeks to process.


When you return injectors cores to FFD it takes 24-48 hours or longer for them to be inspected by FFD. Then we need to receive a core credit from FFD to show the cores were good. This is the process we follow with FFD to insure the cores sent back are reusable. After we receive the credit for the core we then issue the core refund back to the credit card used for the original transaction. This credit process has to go through Paypal then they send this to your credit card company. It takes approximately 3-5 business days to complete sending this to your credit card company. Sometimes longer if the refund was done later in the week. Customers issuing charge backs when they have already been refunded and emailed the transaction directly from Paypal will be billed for any charges we incur from Paypal for the charge back.


All injectors are drop shipped from Full Force Diesel with a supplied return label for your cores. Ship lead times vary due to supply of cores returned. Please check with us for shipping lead times on REMANS ordering if you are in a pinch and need them quick.

DO NOT SHIP CORES TO Full Force VIA USPS OR IN FLAT RATE BOXES. They do not hold up to the weight of the injectors.

If are not paying the core fee and need to send cores first USE UPS ONLY! Pack them well in re-enforced boxes INDIVIDUALLY. Do not allow the injectors to touch one another. This will ensure they do not get damaged in shipping. Any damage that occurs during shipping due to IMPROPERLY packed injectors will result in additional charges. 

Cores are to be sent directly to Full Force Diesel

Full Force Diesel 

1511 Sarah Court

Murfreesboro, TN 37129