I bought the DP-Tuner mostly due to the testimonial page. I corresponded with Adam Pitale for a couple of days and then made the jump based on his experience and the info on some of the diesel truck forums. I guess that goes to show you that testimonials are important and if I can help you guys out let me know.

I’ve been searching for the RIGHT diesel tuner for several months now and had finally made my mind up to go with the Banks Six-Gun. I had already added a cold-air intake and 4″ turbo back exhaust but just wanted more. I found several posts on the diesel forums website that led me to believe I should check out DP Tuner. After reading the testimonial page and corresponding with the person that left the testimonial I decided to nix the Six-Gun and go with the DP Tuner.

I can honestly say I am truly astounded at the difference the tuner made on my 2001 7.3 F250 4×4. Just to make sure I had accurate numbers to base the change on I checked my mileage the day before and was getting 15.9mpg at 65mph on flat interstate for a 20 mile distance and 14.5mpg at 70mph. On the same stretch of highway with the DP Tuner installed I was getting 23.1mpg at 65mph and 22.1 at 70mph. That’s just unbelievable! I did this with no load and just me in the truck.

And the best part, I was looking to add some power and boy did the tuner add some power. I’ve had many hotrods through the years and I know what fast is. For a truck this big this thing will move! Before, the truck would barely turn the tires over and now it will boil the tires. I still cannot believe what a huge difference this tuner made in power. It’s amazing what these engines are capable of when tuned properly.

And as mentioned by the other testimonial I spoke directly with Jody. He asked what I planned do with truck and custom programmed the tuner to meet my needs. It’s good to see that there are still some small businesses out there that are concerned about providing a quality product and great customer service. The tuner arrived within 2 days just as they said it would.

Thanks Guys, I’m a very happy customer!