Jody, thank you so much! Here’s a testimonial for you two:

After having and Edge with Attitude module and then a full Banks kit with PowerPDA on both my ‘04 6.0L Excursion and now my ‘07 6.0L F350, a friend told me to check out DP-Tuner. I went for a ride in my friend’s ‘01 7.3L F350 that Jody had made some tunes for and I couldn’t believe the power he was putting down. It was so impressive that I sold off all my Banks stuff before I ordered the SCT and tunes from Jody…that is how much I believed in the product before I even owned it.

A couple of days later, I got the SCT and Jody emailed me the tunes (econo, tow, race). I told Jody that I was going to a Dyno Day at a local shop and wanted to run my truck. He said to download the ‘Race’ program, go drive my truck (to retrain the tranny) and run it! I did not get a chance to run on the dyno that day, but I was so IMPRESSED with the difference, I called Jody and left a message while I was driving. The overall performance of the DP-Tuner beat BOTH the Edge and Banks PDA hands down!!

Everything that I thought my truck should have been doing from the factory it now does but BETTER than I ever expected. I have even made a 1600+ mile round trip from Seattle to Provo (in December 07) while hauling a trailer loaded with another truck and noticed lower EGT’s, increased MPG, and a overall refined feel from both the engine and transmission. I so confidently believe in DP Tuners that I have offered rides to complete strangers I met at the pump.

If you are shopping for a tuner, you must go the download route to get proper functioning (not just a stacked module that tricks your ECM) and get some Custom tunes from DP-Tuner. I promise, it is the ONLY way to go.