Dear Jody and Diane,

I want to take a few minutes and thank you for the product you have and the services you offer. I first heard of you through FTE and knew I wanted to give DP-Tuner a try, but having just bought a SC tuners just prior to joining FTE, I thought I was ok. Finally after hearing nothing but great things about you and your products, I made the switch a year and a half ago and never had a moments regret. I only thought that the “off the shelf tuner” was helping my truck, but until I got one set up just for me and my truck, I never knew what I was missing.

Jody was very helpful in helping me decide what I needed and wanted. The chip came with dummy proof instructions and very easy to install. I have since sent it back for updates and extra tunes, and once for some minor adjustments and have never been without my chip for more that a few days. Hopefully soon I will be able for some live tuning.

I have a basically stock truck with only intake and exhaust mods, extra gauges and a few other little tricks, but the chip is what makes it go. My mileage has improved, shift points are much better, and the towing tunes makes towing the camper fun again. Speed is not that important to me anymore, but if I want it, it’s there and plenty of it. It’s hard for anyone to imagine just what Jody can do to make an 8000 lb truck out run most sports cars until you’ve seen it.

Customer service and speed in turn around times are something Jody and Diane should be very proud of. The fact the chip does everything expected and so much more is just a bonus.

Thanks again for all you do,