As a Powerstroke fanatic, I’ve been upgrading our personal and company vehicles since 2002. I’ve installed numerous programs, Superchips, Hypertech, and finally went with the entire Banks upgrade systems on two of our 7.3L trucks, and a 6.0L Powerstroke. After a series of check engine lights were illuminating, I consulted a few diesel performance websites for answers and tips. It was overwhelming how many people had done the same series of upgrades as I had, and were also disappointed.

The Banks system was better than the rest, but getting it to stop making problems was a major process. Even after doing everything through their tech-support, and with advice from fellow diesel owners on the forums, the truck didn’t run right. I counted fourteen people that simply suggested, “Get rid of your Banks, and go with a DP-Tuner.” That was a frustrating thing to do, as I had spent over $1K on the current program.

Fourteen people? None appeared to be on the DP payroll, so I Googled D-P Tuner, got the phone number, and called them. It’s always a pleasure when the owner answers the phone, and Jody did just that. We talked for a half hour about what I had going on, the problems, lights, etc. I ordered their chip, and it arrived immediately. After removing the 6-Gun, and all the related wires, etc., I installed the DP chip. To say the least, I’m a satisfied customer.

Basically, it was me who bugged Jody and Diane to setup a testimonial page, as I simply could not believe the difference in performance, AND economy. I’ve now got DP Tuners in all of our vehicles, and in each of my friend’s trucks. We realize 5 MPG better in the 4WD 7.3L Excursion, and the same in the F250’s. The greatest part is calling DP, getting a real human on the phone, and that person is able to help in any way, and knows everything about the chip. Customer Service is everything, and coupled with incredible performance, DP is the only way to go. Email or call me for more info: 310-344-4290.

Adam Pitale
President & Founder
Adam’s Polishes, Inc.