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  • Borg Warner S366SXE 66mm w/ .91 or 1.0 A/R Housing (300-500hp) (T4 Mount)- CALL FOR AVAILABILITY!

    This Borg Warner turbocharger is for the guy looking to make a solid 300-550hp that still needs the ability to daily drive and tow with their truck. The turbo offers great low end response and spool-up which makes this a perfect 7.3L turbo upgrade for most applications. The turbocharger offers a .91 or 1.0 A/R exhaust housing, which results in exceptionally fast low end spool up, making it great for every day driving. This turbo is perfect for anything from a basic Stage 1 160cc injector up to a Stage 3 238cc Hybrid. The turbo is offered as a complete bolt in system that includes everything needed to install when purchased with the CSD mount kit. ie: intercooler pipes, exhaust downpipe, y-pipe collector, pedestal, up-pipes, turbo oil feed and drain tubes, etc. We can also sell as a stand alone turbocharger with no mounting system. With the addition of the CSD mount kit, this is a complete bolt-in system. The CSD mount kit includes bellowed up-pipes, so no donuts are used. Also, the 4" intake tube that is included to run to your airbox is a direct fit for stock, AIS, and AFE Stage One style intake systems. If you're running an AFE Stage II or like system, some modification to the supplied intake tube may be required. Kit includes a 3.5" downpipe for improved low end torque, so an adapter may be required to connect to your current exhaust. The CSD mount kit does not come coated in red (as pictured). It will come bare stainless.

    The Borg Warner S300SXE 66mm turbo utilizes a T4 exhaust mounting flange. Turbo comes with .91 A/R or 1.0 A/R exhaust housing.


    Comes standard with billet wheel.

    Comes with 360* Thrust Bearing.

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  • BD Performance Intercooler 99-03 7.3

    BD’s free flowing Charge Air Cooler (CAC) - or intercooler - design with streamlined external air passages improves engine cooling while offering less fan noise and less blade resistance, plus, improving engine power and efficiency of the radiator and air conditioning heat exchangers. Designed through testing at 100+ psi turbo boost pressure and 500oF turbo outlet temperatures, our extra thick cast end tanks with support struts have integrity and long life without ballooning and cracking. Stuffed Tube designs are commonly used on stock applications with boost pressures of 20-40 psi and 200-300 OF inlet temperatures. The tubes have a thin wall and 82% heat conductivity transfer. Higher boost pressures and temperatures will cause breaking of fin-to-wall welds resulting in tubes ballooning and reduced heat transfer. Micro Extruded Tube design is for applications producing 20-100 psi of boost pressure and inlet temperatures of 500+OF. The tubes have a 0.025” wall thickness and designed enhanced inner fins that add to performance and already strong support structure resulting in a 95% heat conductivity transfer. No cracking or separation occurred when tested at over 400 psi. The lower the turbo boost pressure drop across the CAC (inlet vs. outlet) the higher the volume flow — the more volume of air that can fl ow through the CAC and the higher the turbo boost pressure will result in lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGT). BD’s Cool-It CAC’s are designed for performance diesel engines. Learn More
  • S&B Intake for 99-03 7.3L # 75-5062

    Newly redesigned 1998-03 Power Stroke V8-7.3L Diesel Cold Air Intake. Available with oiled cotton (cleanable) or dry (disposable) filter media. This intake is CARB exempt Exempt ID #D-590-9 Learn More

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