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Bully Dog GT 6.7L Progams only

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Bully Dog GT 6.7L Progams only

Custom Tunes for Bully Dog GT Programmers

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Custom Bully Dog GT 6.7L Tunes Only

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DPF ON ONLY tuning for emissions equipment friendly performance tunes for the 2011-2016 Ford 6.7L Power Stroke.

Custom DP-Tuner Tune Options

35HP / 74TQ Heavy Tow- Used for towing more than 10K lbs. Transmission tuning is also modified.

50HP / 105TQ Daily/Light Tow- Used for every day driving and towing less than 10K lbs. Transmission tuning is also modified.

75HP / 160TQ Performance- High performance street tune. Not recommended for towing at all. Transmission tuning is also modifed.

Trans Only- Does not add any HP, but firms up shifts and locks TQ converter earlier than stock.

The GT will also need to be upgraded to support the custom tunes.

ETA on emailed tunes is 24-48 hours. 

Tuning on the GT is supported by DP-Tuner

GT Hardware is not warrantied or supported through DP-Tuner.  Contact for hardware support.

How to Load Custom Tunes:

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