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94-97 F250/350 7.3 Economy Power Combo

94-97 F250/350 7.3 Economy Power Combo

The 94-97 7.3L Economy Power Combo 

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SKU: 94-97 Economy Power Combo-K4307A-17303-8404-8444-8449


Our Combo Kits offer the best products on the market, at the best price we can offer. You can rest assured that you are receiving top notch upgrades, as we have used and tested these items ourselves.

The 94-97 7.3L Economy Power Combo 

The 94-97 7.3L Economy Power Combo is for a truck with no current modifications. This combo is designed to increase power, improve drive-ability, enhance shifting, help with towing, and possibly increase mileage. 

Horsepower gains up to 100HP**

This combo includes:

- S&B Cold Air Intake #75-5027

- Diamond Eye 4" Aluminized Turbo Back Exhaust #K4307A

- Autometer Ford Factory Match Guages with A-Pillar Mount #17303, 8404, 8444, 8449

- DP-Tuner F5 chip, EX switch, with No-Start, Stock, Hi-Idle, Tow, Daily, Performance tunes

-- Optional: Upgrade to F6 SmartChip


The S&B Cold Air Intake is a complete package. You get a new airbox, battery box, intake tract, filter, and any other necessary hardware required for install.

The Diamond Eye Exhaust is a complete exhaust kit from the turbo back. It includes the 3" downpipe, intermediate pipes, muffler, exhaust tip, and any other necessary hardware required for install.

The Autometer Ford Factory Match Gauges includes three gauges and an A-pillar gauge pod. The gauges included in this kit are; Exhaust Gas Temperature (0-1600*), Boost (0-35psi), and Transmission Temperature (100-250*). These gauges are designed to match the factory gauge cluster during day and night time. They will illuminate green when the headlights are turned on, just like the factory gauges do.

The F6 SmartChip upgrade enables you to receive tunes by e-mail, should you ever want to add or change anything later. With the F5, the chip must be sent in to us to have any tune changes done. Additionally, we can e-mail trial versions of tunes for the F6 so you can test them out before purchasing. You will have the trial tune for 10 key cycles. Once all of the key cycles have been used up, the tune will disappear until the full version is purchased.

More tunes can always be added to either the F5 chip or the F6 SmartChip. This can be done at the time of order, or later down the road. If you would like more tunes added at the time of order, please contact us so we can do this manually for you.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or need help selecting the best combo package for you. Additionally, we can build a custom kit specifically for you. Just give us a call.


**Horsepower gains are estimated and will vary from truck to truck. The amount of horsepower increase acheived depends on the condition of the HPOP, turbo, injectors, and transmission, among other things.


Some of these items will be dropped shipped from the Manufacturer or from our Distributor. Items may be shipped together or separately depending on inventory levels at the time of the order.

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