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Select from the following Ford diesel truck years and models to jump start your trucks transformation!


2012 6.7L                   2008 F250               2005 F250 

  2011 - 2016 6.7L                       2008-2010 6.4L               2003.5-2007 6.0L Truck

2002 F250               2003 Excursion                       6.0L Excursion

1994.5-2003.5 7.3L Truck        2000-2003.5 7.3L Excursion         2003.5-2007 6.0L Excursion

  2003 E350            2005 E350                         Fleet

1995-2003 7.3L E350         2004-2007 6.0L E350        7.3L and 6.0L Fleet Programming



Important Information-



NOTICE of Shipping increases- On January 1, 2016 UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.  increased their shipping rates. Although this does not effect our product cost you will see an increase in your shipping cost as a result.  Anyone who wishes to supply their own shipping label may do so. Should you choose to supply your own shipping label DP-Tuner shall NOT be held responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen packages. You may send your package labels to diane@dp-tuner.com . Please only send in .pdf format. Anyone supplying USPS labels we can only accept labels containing a bar code. Do not send stamps to use for shipping your package. We must have a way to track your package to ensure delivery. ~ DP-Tuner


2016 DP-Tuner Office closures-

Georgia & California Office- September 5th closed for Labor Day holiday

Georgia office closed- November 21st-25th-Thanksgiving Holiday

California Office- November 24th & 25th- Closed for Thanksgiving holiday


Please read the below information about ordering.

*In the event the Georgia office is closed suddenly during our normal office hours please contact Justin at ext. 804 or justin@dp-tuner.com for assistance.

For assistance placing an order please click on the Blue link or call our office at 828-221-0076. 

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If you need a chip order to ship the same day you MUST call the Georgia office Monday through Thursday by 10 am Eastern time to place your order. UPS shipping ONLY. 

*We stock in house our F5 & F6 chips, Infinity's and SCT programmers ONLY.* All other product(s) are drop shipped from our supplier or directly from the manufacture.  Delivery delays are expected on these items due to drop ship. Drop shipped items are processed by our supplier within 24-48 hours if the item you order is in stock. You will be notified by email of any back orders.

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