Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic Tools

INFINITY-dx for diagnostics. Reads and clear codes and scans trouble codes for datalogging.

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  1. New Design
    INFINITY Touch Screen (Price includes 8g SD card)

    INFINITY Touch Screen (Price includes 8g SD card)

    INFINITY-DX Touchscreen programmer/logger/scantool

    Easy to read 4.3" color touch screen, with day and night time auto dimmer makes monitoring data easy to read, without straining and squinting to see.

    * High speed data logging

    * User configurable high and low alarms

    * User configurable gauge options

    * User configurable auto off

    Media player for music and video

    Each unit comes pre-configured with the most comon gauges, alarms and parameters needed for 7.3L, 6.0L, & 6.7L info.

    PIDS available for gauges and to datalog.  The logs can be saved in CSV format which allows them to be viewed in Excel. 

    **The Ford Enhanced Diagnostics comes standard. See the PIDS PDF lists.

    Ford Generic and Enhanced PIDS

    **Enhanced diagnostics also comes standard.

    KOEO (Key on Engine Off)

    KOER (Key Off Engine Running)

    Cylinder Contribution Test

    Injector Buzz Test

    Glow Plug Test

    More features coming with field firmware updates.

    Tune into DP-Tuner TV for many videos to show the features and power the Infinity has.

    THIS PRODUCTS IS SHIPPED WITH SIGNATURE RELEASE REQUIRED. If you do not want to have to sign for this you must send an email to diane@dp-tuner.com requesting no signature. Upon doing this you release DP-Tuner and the couriers of any responsibility.

    12 month warranty on parts and workmanship.


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