NEW Updated Infinity preview

NEW Updated Infinity vehicle profiles

Android OTG Custom File transfer to memory card

Infinity Android & Apple custom tune file transfer

CEI-HUB beta preview


CEI-HUB F5 and F6 chip configuration

CEI-HUB TS chip configuration

The NEW Infinity Factory Match Gauge Theme show in the dark

The NEW Infinity Factory Match Gauge Theme

The AWESOME Power of the Infinity

Infinity features and ports.

Infinity customization

Infinity firmware update

Infinity EGT probe and Serial cable.

Infinity New Gauge Screens

Infinity return to stock and Fleet

Infinity Fleet recovery for vehicle with blank VIN

Infinity Vehicle info for status

Infinity programming of a pre-loaded tune

Infinity switching between 6.0L and 7.3L Gauges

Infinity PID list expansion

Infinity Datalog playback on the screen

Infinity Datalog opened in Excel

Infinity Datalog power

Infinity 9 PIDS for viewing

Infinity Graph Screen

Infinity 24 PIDS on the screen

Infinity with 6 Digital and 1 Analog

Infinity Datalog Sample

Infinity Skin Editor sample